Smart Trading


Smarter trading for a smarter business

Your business is built on partnerships that enable you to explore the potential of global networks, meeting today’s exploding demands while making it easier for your customers to live their connected lives.

So, when it comes to managing your global interconnect business, why the paperwork, delays, waste, and missed opportunities? Explore the operational potential Telarix can bring through automation.

Together, we can fast-track your business with a global information exchange for commerce, developed from years of experience working with the carrier community. Our buying, pricing and selling solutions automate and streamline your trading workload, identify new business opportunities and take advantage of emerging network consumption trends ahead of competitors. Each partner relationship becomes configurable, so you can seamlessly and uniquely communicate and connect with your partners regardless of where they reside across the globe.

Experience the Simplification and Efficiency and Grow your business by:

  • Automating intercarrier service purchases, confirming rates in real time
  • Speeding up the entire buy and sell process
  • Streamlining management and oversight of contracts
  • Improving dial code mapping and target distribution
  • Simplifying hubbing agreements.

Accelerate your business with iXLink

iXLink is the only online community that brings together over 4,000 telecom providers from 200 countries
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