Intelligent Routing


Advanced routing intelligence, by design

Where’s your traffic going, and how much will it cost? We know you need to manage partner relations, maximize network capacity, quality and margin over many types of service, ensuring that you secure the best route.

Our routing solution uses patented algorithms to automatically incorporate all essential variables, calculate, optimize and deliver the best possible route, every time:

  • Historical analysis of traffic patterns to predict and account for QoS and capacity problems
  • Optimizes fulfillment of volume commitments associated with bilateral and swap deals
  • Benchmark definition supporting lossless routing and acceptable quality thresholds
  • Prioritize higher revenue routes for the best QoS, while also offering less costly alternatives
  • Precise global dial-code numbering management, eliminating cherry picking by customers and costly routing errors.

Gain control over the quality and cost of your traffic

Telarix provides tools for commercial route optimization, technical route optimization and automated switch provisioning.
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