Fraud & Analytics


Reduce risk and improve call quality through greater business analytics

On-the-spot, transparent views of fraud risk, service quality and reliability. We know what it takes to be in control of factors that can be malicious, unseen or degrading to your business.

We surface the critical information you need to identify and curb fraud, monitor the quality of your network and routes, and give you the transparency you need to make informed business decisions. We are your business intelligence control center, exposing potential fraud, and championing network quality.

Reducing Fraud

Fraud management is all about early detection, fast blocking and creating a safe perimeter, but it requires constant vigilance. We take a multi-pronged strategy to combatting fraud at every level to ensure offenders are stopped in their tracks. The fraud engine provides identification and weighting of multiple fraud types based on user-defined rules, thresholds and pattern detection.

Fraud types targeted:

  • Abuse Fraud based on A#, B# and A#/B#
  • FAS Answer Supervision
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) hacking
  • Call back (Wangiri)
  • Arbitrage/Tromboning
  • International Simple Resale (IRSF)
  • Long Firm Fraud

Ensuring Call Quality

We are your guardians of traffic quality, collecting performance data off the network, and providing a near real-time picture of voice service quality.

Locking down fraud

With every element of our lives potentially subject to fraud, and technology constantly being tested for weaknesses, you need integrated fraud management. Identify, monitor and take proactive or immediate remedial action to reduce the risk to your business.
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