Comprehensive Rating


Rating complexity, made seamless

Rating, routing and billing are at the core of your interconnect business. The ability to rate a variety of disparate business events, intelligently, is a foundational requirement and the core strength of our solution platform. Scalable both vertically to meet your exponentially increasing volumes and horizontally to enable integration of new products or services, our rating engine is more than capable of cost effectively meeting your business needs. The valuable results of our comprehensive rating solution is then seamlessly leveraged as a single accurate source of information into our fraud, analytics, routing, billing and trading solutions - eliminating both cost and complexity from traditional silo-based or disparate integrated solutions.

iXLink, our neutral information exchange platform, transforms your origin rate handling business by automating the entire process, from price list management and upload, to rating, routing, and billing.

  • Price List Management:
    Securely manage buying and selling price lists, rated uniquely by carrier specific rules and number plans
  • Contract Management:
    Time- and volume-based structures designed to flexibly manage an extensive variety of the complex Tier 1 carrier-to-carrier agreements
  • Deal Management:
    A hybrid solution enabling bundling of various products to achieve overall carrier partner mutual trading goals without firm commitments
  • Rating:
    Events are guided to specific rules for each carrier partner’s product and services delivered, with rating based on origin and destination, portability corrected numbers, and a variety of additional capabilities for rounding, surcharges and more.

Origin-based rating, routing and billing

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