Billing & Settlements


Interconnect billing and settlement, assured

Imagine if your billing, settlement and dispute management processes were smooth, rapid and faultless.

Telarix iXLink®, our neutral information exchange platform, drives certainty by automatically validating data on receipt and normalizing it, systematically reducing human errors literally every billing cycle. Our automated process identifies the exceptions immediately, automates the majority, resulting in driving effective utilization of human resources while maximizing cash flow.

Rapid dispute management

When data is clean, discrepancies are proactively minimized before they hit the billing stream. Conversely, when there is a dispute, we provide easy access to the data required to substantiate your case.

Advanced features and benefits of our billing and settlement solution include:

  • Integration with our rating solution, including full support of origin-based products
  • Delivers accelerated billing cycles, improving cash flow by days
  • Flexible formatting and rapid invoice generation and distribution with delivery tracking
  • Automated Invoice reconciliation and dispute handling with optional CDR reconciliation
  • Multi-currency and multi-company capabilities
  • Combined invoices with multiple services included on a single bill
  • Manage recurring and non-recurring charges with ease
  • Full support for post-cycle re-rates and adjustments with critical for-error correction and handling of retro-active contract amendments.

Optimizing your interconnect business

Automate | optimize | validate your interconnect billing and settlement process.
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