With a community of over 4,000 carriers, the iXLink SaaS platform has become the de-facto standard in carrier to carrier electronic information exchange for the Voice and SMS traffic termination industry.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Unlimited transactions and notifications
  • Quick access to connect with your trading partners
  • Create your own links and collaborate with other members
  • New user-friendly portal and dashboard, including online ticket creation
  • iXLink Knowledge Base, a repository of FAQs and business best practices

The Global Business Exchange

The increasing complexity and volume of intercarrier price lists, invoices, contracts and other documents has created a paperwork nightmare for service providers.

iXLink® is a secure, business-to-business information exchange platform that enables communication service providers to quickly and efficiently access, validate and share business documents among their international and domestic trading partners.

It’s time for less paper shuffling.  Faster transmission speeds.  Improved document handling and validation.  Fewer errors.  Competitive advantages.  And, of course, big cost savings.  All made possible by iXLink.

iXLink is the only global business-to-business information exchange service that offers communication service providers a secure and collaborative environment to conduct business.  By becoming an iXLink member, your organization will be able to streamline and optimize your international carrier-to-carrier business from end-to-end.

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