Our Customers


Telarix simplifies interconnection for global carriers

Telarix customers span the globe and include the leading domestic and international telecom carriers in the world. We are proud of the successful, long-term relationships we have built within the telecom industry, and we constantly renew our commitment to cost-effective, on time, on budget implementation. Whether we serve a traditional incumbent carrier, an emerging global carrier, or dominant regional player, our professional services team draws upon long-time experience and innovation to build an interconnection solution tailored to specific business needs.
“By using a secure, reliable business-to-business information exchange platform, we are able to streamline our purchasing operations, expedite interconnect transactions among our partners and minimize the potential of disputes”

“With Telarix, we have been able to convert our complex, segmented system into one comprehensive platform inclusive of both domestic and international billing”

“Telarix was the clear choice to help us meet our strategic objectives without a large capital investment”

“Telarix’s unified platform and automation tools will allow us to implement our strategies at a much faster pace”

“As we move forward in executing our vision of a unified wholesale network it is important we have the right partners in place”

“In the rapidly changing world of technology, Telarix will allow us to be more nimble, efficient, and tactical with our operational decisions”
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