Market leader in interconnect business optimization

Telarix enables telecommunications companies to increase their revenue, extend their reach, and optimize their interconnect business.

Keeping the World Connected

Telarix is the market leader in telecom interconnect business optimization. If you’ve ever made an international call or sent a text to someone far away, you’ve likely benefitted from our solutions.

Behind the scenes, thousands of telecom companies do business together every day – buying and selling access to networks across the globe. But it’s a complex and complicated process.

Telarix hosts the only industry-wide B2B portal offering telecom carriers a secure and collaborative environment in which to conduct business. In fact, we empower over 4,000 communications companies across the globe through our software and services, improving how they manage their international business and the way the world communicates. 

From pricing, billing, and settlement, to contract management, traffic routing, business intelligence, fraud detection and more, we provide carriers an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their entire interconnect voice, video, data and SMS business. 

Our People

The Telarix team of industry experts set the vision for the global optimization of interconnect services.

Our Customers

We value our long-term customer relationships

“With Telarix, we have been able to convert our complex, segmented system into one comprehensive platform inclusive of both domestic and international billing.”  Telefonica Germany

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