AVYDA powered by Telarix

AVYDA is the solution needed to monetize networks to deliver video calls without sacrificing quality. AVYDA creates CDR’s for video calls, ensuring payment can be made and quality is not sacrificed while allowing for connection through 3G & iPV6. It is an open platform, allowing multiple endpoints to be used including Android, Cisco Telepresence Rooms, and iOS. In early 2013, Telarix and Next Communications sought to take on the key challenges facing network operators as it relates to video calls.

The challenges identified include:

  • No easy way to get paid
  • High bandwidth requirements
  • Quality
  • Lack of standards

In order to meet these challenges, AVYDA was created and launched in May 2013.

AVYDA solves these carrier issues in several ways. First, revenue from video calls was previously being flowed to the OTT provider even though it was the carrier’s network resources being consumed—AVYDA helps network operators both efficiently interconnect video calls as well as ensure proper CDRs are created. Second, many current OTT video chat solutions use high bandwidth codecs, which either limits the types of end-points that can be connected or require WiFi to run. AVYDA can connect mobile devices over 3G while maintaining picture quality. Finally, many of the existing OTT video solutions are closed. AVYDA uses an open, standards-based solution in terms of the codecs being used and the type of endpoints supported. From high-end platforms like Cisco TelePresence to computers, phones, and tablets (both Android and iOS), platforms can be interconnected seamlessly. This expands both the reach and flexibility of the service.

With AVYDA, carriers can now financially benefit from video calls, providing an additional source of revenue. Additionally, carriers have the ability to add a new service to their retail product offering. Since AVYDA’s launch, several MVNO and retail products have been offered to all levels of retail, leveraging this new network solution and ushering in an era of collaboration between carrier infrastructure providers and retail application providers. To learn more about AVYDA, powered by Telarix, please visit Nxt Gn’s website at www.nxtgn.net.