Telarix Solutions

A Single, Unified Solution to Drive Profitable Wholesale Business

Telarix elevates the business of wholesale telecom to a new level of automation and profitability by putting billing, trading, and routing in one integrated, function-rich data warehouse. With Telarix as a partner, you can consolidate your entire wholesale operation onto a truly end-to-end – operations to billing to engineering - solution that combines:

  • A single, global business-to-business information exchange service platform. 
Our neutral information exchange platform, iXLink® automates the interconnect process, end-to-end, between providers of voice, data, SMS, and video traffic. As a result, you’ll gain a holistic, accurate view of how your business is performing – and how efficiently you are working with your telecom wholesale partners.
  • A broad suite of fully-integrated automation software tools for the wholesale industry 
Telarix’s interconnect business suite, iXTools®, is a suite of back office solutions that integrate to form a reliable intelligence backbone for your entire wholesale business allowing all your departments engaged in wholesale - from engineering and sales to finance and audit – to collaborate around one common data warehouse. With this level of integration and sophistication you can truly operate your wholesale business efficiently and gain the necessary intelligence in “real-time”.

Key modules in the Telarix suite include:

  • iXLink® is a neutral information exchange platform that enables carriers, resellers and emerging market providers  to automate interconnect processes and electronically share documents.  iXLink® was originally designed in 2007 to deliver a common price list exchange for a few carriers to trade price lists with each other. But in recent years, the majority of large operators around the globe have rallied around iXLink®, making it the de facto industry standard. Today iXLink® is supported by over 3,000 service providers with roughly 40,000 documents being exchanged and distributed monthly.

    In addition, to its role as a neutral telecom exchange, iXLink® provides additional data intelligence, financial screening, and accuracy checking for carriers who adopt iXLink® as the front-end to your wholesale back office. The following modules support these enhanced capabilities for wholesale carriers:

    • iXLink® Price List Receipt™ automates the buying of i voice and data termination, validating and processing offers so that rates can be confirmed immediately.

    • iXLink® Price List Distribution simplifies and streamlines the interconnect sales process by quickly distributing out price lists. It comes equipped with a central repository and CRM email tracking capabilities. 

    • iXLink® Bill Receipt validates incoming bills from vendors, calling out any billing errors and inconsistencies, and notifying biller and payer immediately via multi-media alerts.

    • iXLink® Bill Distribution enables quick conversion of accounts receivable into cash by distributing validated bills in customer-preferred formats.

    • iXLink® Contract Receipt and Distribution manages and automates your contract negotiations, and comes complete with full audit trail and electronically signed documents capability.
  • iXTools® is the internal-managed data warehouse that allows wholesalers to control and optimize their business operations and settle payments with partners. Currently processing over 150 billion voice, SMS and data minutes each year, iXTools® gives its users invaluable transparency and strategic insight over their business and interconnect processes. As a result, users are able to streamline operations to achieve lower operating costs and higher productivity. Modules within iXTools® include:
    • iXRoute® our routing optimization solution that automates routing and decision making in support of complex bi-lateral agreements, hubbing deals, QoS requirements, and least cost routing with global dial-code precision. The solution is fully integrated on the engineering/switching side with our iXTranslate module that support both SS7 and SIP traffic.
    • iXTrade® automates the purchasing and selling processes, protecting you against arbitrage and other unfair selling processes.
    • iXBill® is the robust interconnect billing system being used by two of the top 5 wholesale operators in the world. Designed with revenue assurance built-in, iXBill guarantees the usage for calls, content, and data records are captured, rated and accurately invoiced.
    • iXAudit® is a cost management, audit and dispute management system that manages settlements, validates interconnect invoices, and automatically reconciles charges.
    • iXConnect® is our carrier and contract management module that is a data warehouse that aggregates and houses your partner details and agreements including a wide variety of wholesale business data from network infrastructure elements and products… to route plans, rates and agreements.