Route Optimization

Gain more visibility and control of interconnect routing

Telecom route optimization is similar to the process a shipping firm like Fedex uses to efficiently deliver packages around the globe. It looks for the cheapest destinations while making sure its capital investments in trucks and airplanes don’t go to waste.

Yet the complexity of telecom route optimization is far greater than in shipping due to the vast number of partners and the many service types to manage (voice, SMS, data, content). What‘s more, telecom routing entails much more than finding the “cheapest” or least cost route. Many other factors come into play such as: your commitments to trading partners, network capacity, quality requirements, margin requirements and any other business parameters you may define.

The starting point for the Telarix iXRoute® route optimization solution is knowledge of your network. Using a historical analysis of traffic patterns it calculates the capacity you can handle on your network trunks, then calculates an opportunity cost based on destinations and what vendors the traffic can be routed to.

Complex deals or bi-lateral agreements are the first places iXRoute® looks to guarantee. If you have firm, sender-pays commitments, iXRoute® puts those at the front of the line of the routing plan to ensure you send, say, a million minutes to France in the month of February. Then, throughout the month, iXRoute® continuously monitors whether you are ahead or behind on those commitments.

The second factor that’s taken into account is QoS. If the quality of your traffic degrades and calls are dropping for your premium retail customers, that’s a serious issue, so iXRoute® manages that by excluding carriers from routes where the QoS fails to measure up to the standards you set.

Then the last factor is least cost routing. In places where you don’t have a volume commitment and your quality needs are satisfied, iXRoute® creates a high to low list of vendors who offer traffic to this destination at the cheapest rates.

iXRoute® is based on patented algorithms that support both traditional telecom voice switches and today's IP soft switches for VoIP, SMS, and data. The system is also buttressed by Telarix’s iXBuy, which converts partner prices lists into a standard format so they can be compared across vendors so you can figure out who the cheapest is to send traffic to.

And iXRoute® is further underpinned by global dial-code-numbering precision which catches costly routing mistakes where the destination name reverts to a higher rate because the more specific code was not included in your buy order.

iXRoute® can be deployed through either an on-site licensing model or our affordable, cloud-based SaaS delivery platform.

iXRoute® enables service providers to identify and automatically implement optimal routing strategies, providing an unprecedented level of visibility and control of their interconnect traffic. iXRoute® leverages Telarix's patented routing algorithm to incorporate vendor agreements, complex rate schedules, network data, quality of service requirements and other user defined criteria in order to produce the optimal commercial and technical routes. The system's easy-to-use workflow management tool tracks routing changes from creation to network implementation, enabling business users to define acceptable routing implementation parameters and receive real-time alerts when those parameters are exceeded.