Created in conjunction with a number of the world’s largest telecom providers, iXLink® provides a secure, reliable business-to-business information exchange platform that enables all communication service providers regardless of size or level of automation to quickly and efficiently access and share business documents among their trading partners. And they can do it all without having to resort to costly network or systems upgrades or time-consuming manual processes.

As a system “designed by carriers for carriers”, iXLink® brings order to the often chaotic world of non-standardized rate and dial code changes, numbering plans, document discrepancies and a myriad of other declarations that often force carriers to resort to manual processes that are fraught with financial and legal risks, to meet interconnect agreements.

In short … iXLink® changes everything.

A Single, Global Business-to-Business Information Exchange Service That Offers You a Secure and Collaborative Environment in Which to Conduct Business.

The increasing complexity and volume of price lists, invoices, declarations, data formats and other business documents being used in the interconnect business today has created a paperwork nightmare for service providers.

Tracking, formatting, validating, processing and managing documents and transactions individually for each of your business partners is eating away too much of your time and financial resources.

So we did something about it for you.

iXLink® now offers you a single, global business-to-business information exchange service that offers you a secure and collaborative environment in which to conduct business.  In other words, we’ve come up with a way for you to spend less time, money and risk on manual processes so you can focus more directly on your core business of providing interconnect services.

It all starts by making each partner relationship, or Link, configurable so they can seamlessly communicate with your existing interconnect management system.

This way, all your documents can be sent electronically, with the added benefit of being time-stamped and validated.  The system also reduces the costly delays and errors that are commonly found in receiving, handling and processing price lists, invoices and declarations.

iXLink® also allows you to apply business rules that are specific to each partner and/or service to validate transactions, meet internal business objectives and capture errors so that the sender can be notified immediately.

And it even gives you a new type of competitive advantage: By supporting multiple format adaptors, your trading partners will be able to use their own pricing and invoicing document formats.  iXLink® will automatically translate their format into the unique format you require for your business.

Less paper shuffling.  Faster transmission speed.  Increased validation.  Fewer errors.  Competitive advantages.  And, of course, big cost savings.  All made possible for you by iXLink®.

iXLink® services are covered by one or more claims of US Patent No. 8,359,400.

  • iXLink® Price List Receipt™ automates the buying of international wholesale voice termination. It validates and processes offers so that rates can be confirmed almost immediately.
  • iXLink® Price List Distribution™ is an electronic document services that simplifies and streamlines the interconnect sales process for global carriers. It comes equipped with CRM, email, and sales tracking capabilities.
  • iXLink® Bill Receipt and Distribution verifies electronic bills as it rapidly uploads statements and invoices directly into downstream systems. Automated error handling pinpoints data validation anomalies and sends confirmations to buyer and payer via multi-media alerts.
  • iXLink®’s Bill Distribution Service converts bills into your company’s preferred formats. In this way, it promotes the faster conversion of accounts receivable into cash.   iXLink® also expedites the settlements through email tracking, notices, and multi-media alerts. A secure web portal also enables logging and tracking capabilities for all transactions.
  • iXLink® Contract Receipt and Distribution manages and automates your contract negotiations and comes complete with full audit trail and electronically signed documents capability. The service manages pre-defined templates, validates the content against business rules, and applies electronic signatures before passing the information downstream. This service is also adept at handling mid-cycle rate changes, dial code amendments, and several other nuances of complex contracts. In addition to email and portal access, a number of API’s are provided to ease integration with upstream and downstream OSS/BSS systems.