International A # Rating, Routing and Billing

Historically, carriers only had to deal with B# rating, routing and billing but with recent EU regulation changes carriers had to change their operations to rate, route and bill for both B# (destination) and A# (origin).  This change was essential for carriers to continue to maximize margins, capture revenue and compete with one another.  At Telarix we offer a fully integrated solution that takes into account both A# and B# rating, routing and billing.   
Highlights of this advanced product are: 

  • Price List Management & Upload – iXLink identifies and extracts rates that are origin based, validate, and automatically upload into the downstream systems. iXLink tracks each individual rate plus the associated attributes (origin, destination, dial codes, effective dates, and rate type (e.g. peak/off-peak)) and labels them for special processing by the downstream system.
  • Origin Based Rating – Calls get rated based on origin and destination in order to resolve to correct rate plan. Exception handling can rate calls with no CLI with maximum rates available in the plan, if desired.
  • Origin Based Routing – Separate Route Guides are created based on the origin of the calls (i.e. Region, Country) and are optimized independently based on rate, quality, and capacity. This provides a choice to the Routing Network Element to lookup different routing tables based on the origin of the call.
  • Origin Based Billing – All invoices and statements will display the origin along with destination at invoice line item level, and reflect the amounts based on A Number rates when applicable.