Fraud Management Solutions

Telarix offers a comprehensive portfolio of Fraud Management capabilities by taking a best-of-breed approach; selecting products that focus on early detection, fast blocking action, on-going vigilance through testing and real-time business intelligence gathering.

Our Fraud Solution uniquely builds upon the strength of the Telarix Unified Platform to tightly control the CSP’s numbering plan strategy, provide origin and destination based number management from rating to routing, as well as seamless integration with the CSP’s mediation systems and network. The Telarix solution is able to take a multi-pronged strategy to combat fraud, including, for example: probes into the network for detection & blocking, processing of SIP traces, real-time & historic pattern detection in CDRs, utilize our access to network switches and EMS, through specialized workflows to fast-track updates in routing instructions.

We offer pre-integrated solutions with a growing eco-system of partners such as Teralight, Arptel, IPSoft, Symbio Networks, Telcordia/iConective to provide a full range of Fraud protection & management in the following areas:

  • Targeted FAS Testing/Detection.
  • Holistic Fraud Detection Algorithm based on combing all CDRs for FAS, premium rate fraud, call hijacking and roaming related frauds.
  • CDR Fraud Pattern Detection e.g. A-number simultaneous calling, excessive short calls, early detection of traffic volumes changes.
  • Local & International “Hot List” monitoring service (e.g. using data on suspicious number ranges, unallocated number ranges, or premium numbers prefixes or high termination cost destinations, GSMA and CFCA Hot B Number lists).
  • Fraud Bulletin board.
  • SIMBox/Bypass Fraud Detection.
  • IMSI/IMEI Location Fraud Detection.
  • International Revenue Share (IRSF).
  • Call Termination Hijacking.
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Hacking.

Finally, the holistic solution includes a rich BI module providing real-time insight with alerts, user-defined thresholds, geo-maps, margin, cost and customer impact analytics as well effectiveness of the FMS action.