Telecom QoS and CLI Monitoring

Get the Quality You Paid; Keep Retail Customers Happy

Great. You’ve negotiated a contract or made a hubbing deal. But how do you track the quality of that service to ensure you get what you pay for? That’s the mission of two monitoring solutions in the iXTools suite: iXQoS and CLI monitoring service.

QoS Monitoring

iXQoS is the chief guardian of traffic quality. It collects performance data off the network, and within minutes analyzes that data so you get a picture of voice service quality in near real-time.

A variety of industry-standard metrics are calculated such as ALOC (Average Length of Call), ASR (Answer-Seize-Ratio or connection per call attempt), NER (Network Efficiency Ratio), and MOS (Mean Opinion Scores) for automated IP voice quality measures based on packet loss and jitter.

The process is simple: once a metric drops or a combination reaches a certain quality threshold based on historical data the system intelligently sets a benchmark – this is done down to the day of the week and call hour.

iXQoS looks across traffic, taking into account current and historical data, and bringing to light trends or patterns through alerts and charts. For example, if your ASR ratio goes up but your ALOC drops, it often indicates that people are connecting and then hanging up because the voice quality is poor, and iXQos will signal this. Another example of iXQos reporting would be a week over week comparison of network traffic during Friday afternoon’s peak commuting hour.

CLI Monitoring

Mobile customers often won’t answer calls where no Caller ID appears on the handset. And that has a direct impact on your business because you earn no revenue from those unanswered calls, plus your retail subscriber is unhappy that her call didn’t connect.

But with Telarix’s Monitoring service you can cost effectively monitor and test CLI or Calling Line Identification service for your worldwide mobile, fixed, and VoIP destinations giving you the additional intelligence needed to make sound rounding selling and decisions before it is too late and revenue is lost.

Many carriers claim to have CLI service, but test calls often reveal that 50% or more of calls in a region do not support CLI. Telarix’s service verifies CLI coverage by having worldwide probes make test calls. These test calls answer key questions like: Did the call stay connected for 5 minutes? Did the Caller ID appear? Was the ID the right number or a fake? Does the number support fax lines?

Customers usually operate this CLI monitoring service in batch mode, testing, say, 20,000 calls a month. In turn, that data can then feed systems such as our iXRoute solution to enable smart routing decisions. For instance, you can set up a routing class that says, “For destination ABC, only consider vendors who support CLI service”, knowing that your retail customers appreciate Caller ID and that it drives significant revenue to your business.

Available within our end-to-end wholesale suite or as a single module that integrates with your existing wholesale OSS/BSS systems, the Telarix Monitoring solution enables you to:

  • Cost effectively test CLI delivery at destinations across the globe.
  • Detect fraudulent practices, such as use of SIM boxes and tromboning, that bypass interconnect channels and charges.
  • Deliver real-time business intelligence on the CLI status of each route.
  • Make smarter routing decisions around CLI compliance.