Buy and Sell Solutions

Make faster, smarter buy and sell decisions

How timely is the data you’re trading on? And how well can you keep up with the industry’s rapid-fire changes in interconnect agreements, monthly rates, and dial-codes?

Managing the trading complexity of hubbing deals is what the Telarix iXTrade® solution is all about. iXTrade® keeps accurate track of the countless global changes that affect your business, enabling you to make smart buy and sell decisions.

On the buy side of the iXTrade® is iXBuy, the module that receives the latest global price offers and normalizes that data so your routing algorithm can go to work and enable you to make informed routing decisions about what vendors and rates that support specific global destinations. Tired of entering rates? No worries. iXLink’s price list receipt service receives offers directly from you partners in their preferred format via email and automatically loads the validated rates for iXBuy to use.

With iXBuy you also no longer need to use blended rates, estimate costs, and waste time doing dial-code translations. All these steps are done for you: you learn the true costs and precise dial-codes you need to specify to take advantage of excellent rates.

Managing the sell side of trading is another iXTrade® module: iXSell. The subsystem identifies what your true costs will be so you can set your margin or markup, add any promotional specials, and automatically generate a price list for distribution through iXLink, the neutral information exchange.

Rate optimization is critical since the usage-based hubbing landscape evolves constantly. But with iXTrade®, even as more carriers enter the market and new alliances are formed, you’re armed with the latest intelligence and can buy and sell with the confidence that you are fully up-to-date on the global trading scene.

In addition to the real-time intelligence boost that iXTrade® brings, the increased accuracy that comes from maintaining the latest price lists helps your billing and settlements team avoid the costly errors that come from using usage and rate information.

Whether you implement iXTrade® as part of Telarix’s end-to-end suite or as a single integrated tool within your in-house system, here are the major benefits you gain:

  • Provides a holistic view of optimal destinations, rates, and dial code breakouts so you have full visibility into true costs and margins.
  • Reduces manual entry and associated revenue leakage costs by automating the purchase and sales process.
  • With Telarix's Vendor Specific Rating™ feature, rate calls based on a partner's specific numbering plan and obtain near real-time margin visibility.
  • Eliminates the financial risks associated with dial code discrepancies.
  • Calculates the true costs – not just the estimated costs.
  • Effectively tracks and audits partner offers through an advanced workflow process.

iXTrade® is powerful offer management and decision support solution which allows service providers to simplify and automate the buy and sell processes within the wholesale interconnect business.  Driven by a powerful analysis engine, users are able to manage the international interconnect complexities resulting from non-standardized numbering plans for country, city and mobile termination.   Leveraging Telarix's pioneering Vendor Specific Rating™, service providers can rate calls based on each partner's specific numbering plan to obtain near real-time margin visibility. By eliminating blended rates, estimated costs, and the labor intensive process of dial code translation, service providers can reduce the processing overhead and complexity of dial code management while quickly identifying any risks and opportunities associated with specific dial codes.