"As the telecom industry adds new services and increases volume of current services, we were seeking a solution that fully automates our back office and positions us to easily handle this increased complexity. With a large carrier community of customers and proven solutions for automation, Telarix was our natural selection. By implementing Telarix’s solution to automate our operations, we’ll be freed up to focus on growing our business and leveraging new opportunities.”

— Ali Mansour
Chief Executive Officer 

"Telarix’s SaaS platform and automation tools will allow us to implement our growth strategies at a much faster pace. By using a single consolidated platform across our network, we will gain unparalleled visibility into our business, enabling improved operating efficiencies in order to capitalize on new opportunities while reassigning current resources to other functions for improved business performance. We look forward to working with Telarix in order to optimize our business.”

— Adrian Shatku
President & CEO 

"Telarix’s unified platform and automation tools will allow us to implement our strategies at a much faster pace. The use of a single consolidated platform across the networks of the different telecom companies will provide us with unparalleled visibility into our networks and enable us to capitalize on efficiencies and opportunities. We look forward to working with Telarix in optimizing our business.”

— Alex Caeg
International & Carrier Business Senior Vice President

"Encore has a mandate to work and grow our business with PTTs and Tier-1 Carriers worldwide, iXLink is the standard way most are requiring us to send and receive rates. If you want to be taken seriously in our hyper-competitive business then iXLink is a must for your business as it’s a tool we know we can grow with as our business grows.”

— Wayne Silver
Chief Executive Office

"We see iXLink as a necessary component to our business strategy. We have already seen significant efficiencies from utilizing the software and we know our adoption of it makes us much more attractive to our vendors, as Smart Links continues to be embraced we know we are in a great position for growth.”

— Roger Sekaziga
Chief Executive Officer
Roke Telecom

"With Telarix, we have been able to convert our complex, segmented system into one comprehensive platform inclusive of both domestic and international billing. We now have access to consistent, company-wide data, have integrated business support in each step of the value chain, are SOX compliant and, most importantly, we are poised for growth.”

— Maria Mehrens
Director, Carrier Management & Roaming
Telefonica Germany

"Telarix now has essentially every global CSP as an iXLink member, giving it a huge and ongoing advantage in this market space."

Troy Morley 
Operations, Orchestration, Data Analysis & Monetization Strategy Analyst 
Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

"Telarix was the clear choice to help us meet our strategic objectives without a large capital investment. Our partnership with Telarix provides improved levels of automation, efficiencies and connections, while the level of service and support has been excellent.” 

Yasufumi Ota
Senior Vice President, Business Planning & Access Management
KVH Co., Ltd.

"As we move forward in executing our vision of a unified wholesale network it is important we have the right partners in place. The wholesale industry is facing new challenges with new innovations and technology, by partnering with Telarix we know we are gaining a partner who will listen to and work with us in developing solutions to leverage that technology and solve those challenges ultimately helping us realize higher margins.”

— Italo Segini
Director of International Carrier Business

"It was important to us to find a vendor that was able to work seamlessly with our existing systems while providing the level of automation required. iXLink will allow us great levels of efficiency and additional protection of our revenue, we look forward to growing our relationship with Telarix as they continue to find ways to further automate our business processes.”

— Mike Vazquez
President & Chief Operating Officer
Tellza Communications